We respond to all information to be acquired on local and international markets with our expert staff. GRS expert staff prepares Financial Obligation Reports (Tax Liability) of the countries you will make investments with great attention and offers the most accurate and fastest information on current office or business partners in the relevant country on this matter.

GRS tax team gives the fastest information and provides constant consultancy services on ever-changing Tax Legislation and shares arrangements on legal amendments and all questions asked via “Member Portal Service”.

How can we help as GRS?

As GRS Tax team, we offer our customers the most accurate and fastest services on corporation liabilities in relation to ever-changing tax laws, tax obligations as per the current laws, their calculation, and their relation to legal arrangements.

  • Sharing information on tax law amendments regularly,
  • The most reliable and fastest answer to your questions on Tax Laws,
  • Calculation and Solution of tax cost,
  • Consultancy on tax dispute,
  • Preparation of company tax report.