In recent years, after the global economic crisis many countries, which have started to increase their “Tax Revenue” in State Budget, have legalized new tax practice.

Possible mistakes and inconsistency in ever-changing and complex tax system has substantially increased in terms of penalty when compared to past. The process of compliance and planning of our customers to the relevant country’s tax legislation is managed by expertise Tax team of GRS.

How can we help as GRS?

GRS Tax team provides a process to have a regular knowledge on ever-changing Tax Laws, to have a plan on Tax Costs forming high costs of your corporation, enables you to give Tax returns on time/mistake free and reduces the risks on legislation compliance.

Direct Taxes

  • Preparation and submission of periodical and/or annual corporate tax return,
  • Preparation and submission of PAYE (withholding tax return) return, 
  • Review of year-end activities and declaration of annual tax return,
  • Tax status reporting,

Indirect Taxes

  • Preparation and submission of V.A.T., PAYE (withholding tax return), and BITT return,
  • Preparation and submission of stamp duty declarations, 
  • Review of tax accounts and tax return