Unique geographical location: With its position in Asia and Europe, Turkey has a unique location between East and West. By means of its connection to developing market in Middle Asia and Middle East, Turkey creates unique investment opportunities.

Strong international investment record: Existence of almost more than 4000 foreign capitalized companies give information on investment climate and opportunities in Turkey.

Fast- growing economy: 5.4% growth rate in the last 5 years indicates a dynamic and developing economy. Turkey is shown as of one most 20 dynamic countries in world trade by World Trade Organization. 

Broad Local Market; With its approximately 70 million population and increasing customer buying force, Turkey ensures the investors a broad local market.

Skilled competitive labour force: Labour force skills, learning capacity and competition in Turkey create opportunities for foreign investors.

High Quality Standards: Quality oriented developments is production and service sectors increase day by day and it is proven by Turkish companies as many companies have received European Quality Award.  

Passage through energy sources: Due to geographical proximity to Middle East, Caucasus, and Middle Asia, Turkey has an important position in terms of reaching energy sources as petrol and natural gas.

Strong connections with Caucasus, Middle East, and Europe: With its historical and cultural connections with Turkic Republic in Caucasus and Middle East and its location in Asia and Europe Turkey has an important passage position in access to markets in these countries.

10 main reasons to invest in Turkey:

     1- Successful economy

     2- Population

     3- Qualitative and competitive labour force

     4- Liberal investment climate and open to innovations

     5- Infrastructure

     6- Centre of Location

     7- Energy corridor and terminal of Europe

     8- Low tax and incentive opportunities

     9- Customs union with EU since 1996

     10- Big domestic market

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