GRS payroll team gives service on payrolls and related statutory declarations intended for the staff of customers pursuant to Social Security Law in relevant country and arrival and departure of staff to work, their work permits, and calculation of personal salary with a high level of technical information and confidentiality standards.  

How can we help as GRS?

GRS payroll team offers you quick and solution oriented services on legal actions related to company staff.  The services include periodic payroll calculations, incentive calculations for foreign and local labour, registration and work permits and arrival and departure of workers, consultancy on payroll and social security legislation,

  • Keeping the record of payrolls and their review,
  • Preparation of social security declaration,
  • Calculation of notice, seniority and other compensation obligations,
  • Taking actions on employed and resigned staff,
  • Preparation of payroll reports and relevant accounting records,
  • Creating Staff Registration System, 
  • Providing corporate education and coordinated services.