Generally, as health services are provided with high- tech devices and by highly trained doctors, it can be categorized as an expensive sector. Organizations active in this sector should increase customer satisfaction by providing affordable high quality services in order to have financial success in increasing competitive environment.

Health care organizations have been increasing their investments on research and development departments day by day to produce statistical information. The main reason of this is to analyze social changes on health matters.

Organizations, which make timeous and strategic decisions adherent to ever-changing needs of the society, can create competitive advantage over other organizations in the sector.

Customer oriented production policy is increasingly becoming widespread in comparison to previous years. Increase in partnerships with academic institutions and scientific research companies around the world enables the facilitation of receiving information.

Sector Status in TRNC

Patient and medicine follow-up have become difficult due to having no data processing system integrated with public and private health service providers. Nonexistence of healthy automation system in the country raises a waste of service cost in terms of health organizations active in the sector and patients.

Another problem is that the inadequacy of statistical information production and cooperation in comparison to other world countries. Lack of statistical data production system blocks health organizations to conduct needs analysis and more productive strategic planning.

As a consequence of all these problems, effective management of health expenses and efficiency of human resources have become difficult. Most of the patients in TRNC have begun to search for health services abroad because of the rapid increase in service production costs. They especially choose to have their treatments in private developed health organizations in Turkey.  

How can we help as GRS?

With our great experience acquired by services we provide to country’s leading health organizations, we can offer you a unique consultancy on any financial status to satisfy your needs.

By providing internal audits on standardization and automation system, we can technically contribute you to develop financially and in quality means and help you to take relevant actions on current health legislation with our budgeting, planning, cost management, and general consultancy services.