In recent years company scandals have sparked a debate on who is guilty and what things have gone wrong. The indisputable thing is that when compared to past, company’s financial statements are more subject to reviews and suspicion.

Investors have lost corporate management and reporting trust and they expect more reliability, more supervision, and specific evidence on internal audit.

Corporate governance, management rules and audit committees, internal and external auditors, analysts and other investment experts play an important role in rebuilding the trust of investors by taking legal obligations and their increasing expectations into consideration.

Fulfillment of investor expectations starts with full and accurate information on company’s financial statements. GRS can provide audit services for institutions, which need auditors due to legal and regulatory or other reasons, on preparation of periodical and annual financial statements.

GRS, which provides Bank Audits and Public Company Audits, has a “Bank Auditing License” valid in TRNC.

How can we help as GRS?

GRS studies include all current and forward audit, accounting, reporting arrangements and technical consultancy services. With its broad experience and extensive knowledge, GRS Independent Audit team not only gives multifunctional services on producing best solutions to company needs but also has the staff beyond expertise on audits and its sector.  Nowadays, audits on international standards require knowing the occupation and economic conditions of the audited customers.