The education we give under CPA (Cyprus Primary Academy) in GRS is classified as “Individual” and “Corporational.” The main reason of various education programs provided by Cyprus Academy is to transfer the accurate, quality, current, renewable and target oriented sectoral knowledge and education requested by Real Sector to individuals and institutions.

The Academy, which provides certificate programs valid internationally, also gives occupational certificate courses and Republic of Turkey public accountant trainings for Republic of Turkey citizen students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Reaching information in rapidly globalizing world has become an instant action with current technological tools. Although it is very easy for individuals and institutions to reach the information they want, there is a need for experience and information to ensure the accuracy, practicality, development, and interpretation of these information.

Our personal development oriented education policy gives numerous different educations with the awareness of people who create the difference in corporations.

Within the scope of Corporational Education given by the Academy, “Human Resources” services are provided under “Finance” and “Accounting” areas that are needed the most by corporations.

Unlike many other educational institutions, Cyprus Primary Academy combines Occupational Specialization with Sectoral Education and believes in “Making a Difference in Real Sector with Individual and Corporational Education Services.”

Cyprus Academy provides continuing Education, Consultancy, and Investigation activities for individuals and institutions.

Within the scope of “Individual Education Programs” of Cyprus Academy;

Various Sectoral and General Education “Individual Education Programs” are provided for people who are

  • University, College, Vocational School graduates or still studying and
  • Directors, Managers, and Employees in Private Sector or staff on each level.

Within the scope of “Corporational Education Programs” of Cyprus Academy, Education Programs, which make great contributions to institutionalization of companies under the light of sustainable, practicable and competitive information that make a difference, are provided with our knowledgeable, well-informed and experienced staff.

Due to having education programs compatible with cultural and functional systems and organic structures of cooperated organizations and institutions and solution oriented investigation and creating individual and corporational added value have made Cyprus Academy appreciated with a major success.

Cyprus Academy gives consultancy services on determination of educational needs of institutions with its privileged and experienced lecturers on demand of organizations and conducts these programs both in its facilities and in facilities of the organizations.

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