Education has the greatest contribution in economic development by increasing the productivity of labour force.  The service quality of private or public companies active in this sector directly affect the labour force quality of other sectors.

In recent years, modern educational institutions have undergone a more productive process by focusing on developing technology systems on service delivery, providing a faster education service and reducing cost of production of services.

As it is known, because education affects the standard of living directly students are enabled to reach education services by using online education services and provided a faster academic research. Since the use of technology is increased, a competitive environment is formed between educational institutions on international level.

Sector Status in TRNC

Education sector in TRNC has opened the doors for employment in years and taken the first place by making direct and indirect contributions to national income with tourism.

Due to contributions made by education sector to the country and other sectors, its strategic position is more important than the other sectors and is supported by the government of TRNC. In higher education sector, especially the city of Famagusta, universities have become the driving force behind economic development.

In 2012-2013 19% of the population, almost 55,000 students had a higher education in the island. By taking measures on how to increase student satisfaction and increasing the competitive capacity on international level, TRNC Government has succeeded in measures taken on increasing the number of students in higher education.

As a result of recent questionnaire results, annual total of student expense is calculated approximately as 1 billion 806 million. 28% of this expense is on universities and 72% on other sectors.

The great majority of students who come to study in TRNC are consisted of third world country students and the number of students coming to TRNC has continued to increase in 2013-2014. However, educational institutions should keep up with national competition by making accurate and well-timed strategic plan.  

How can we help as GRS?

Being a brand by increasing the service quality in international arena requires educational institutions to determine their vision, mission, strategies, and operational goals parallel with developing transition in the sector.

With our knowledge and experience on higher education, secondary education and other schools and academies, we can provide you professional support to turn sectoral difficulties into opportunities.

We can help you to reach sustainable success by evaluating your current management system or management system under construction process and by making international investigation on education sector with our experts working on education and innovation.