Malta is a small island country and has a hot climate. Malta is in the European Union since 2004.  As it has an easy access to growing market because of its geographical location, it is in favour of foreign investors in recent years.

It has European Union supported attractive tax regime and numerous investment incentives especially for foreign investors. No withholding tax is received on profit transfer, interest payment, and royalty payments for companies in other EU countries. Although company tax rate is 35%, it can be reduced to 5% as a result of returns to shareholders.

For instance returns at *6/7 ratio can be made on dividends given to shareholders. Value Added Tax rate changes as 0%, 7% and 18%. Malta, where mother tongue is English, many other foreign languages are spoken and human resources with perfect business ethics is an ideal country for profitable business investments.

How can we help?

We can help you to evaluate the investment opportunities in Malta as a result of specific research conducted for you and provide all support services to enable financial turnover in short, medium and long term on identified opportunities.

We offer you to make the most profitable business investments on preparation of feasibility reports, incorporation, budgeting, financial managements, and business partners without experienced well-informed expert staff.