It is known as the most popular business model in Malta. Liabilities of shareholders are limited to investment ratio. Incorporation procedures in Malta should be conducted as per Companies Act.


  • Name search is done and name confirmation is obtained.
  • Articles of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association is prepared.
  • There should be a registered address in Malta.
  • A bank account on the name of the company should be opened. Minimum capital is 1,250 Euros. During company registration process, at least 20% of the capital should be blocked in the account.
  • Relevant registration fees should be paid. Registration fees may differ in proportion to company capital (e.g.: if the capital is 1500 Euros or below it is 245 Euros, if the capital is 2,500,000 Euros it is 2,250 Euros).
  • Registration procedures required by Registrar of Companies are completed.
  • Trade License is obtained from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Registration is made to Tax Office and tax number is received.
  • S.L.406.09 Tax Form is filled in to register for Value Added Tax.
  • The company should have at least one director who may either be a natural or legal person, a secretary who may  be a natural person and maximum two, and minimum fifty shareholders who may be natural or legal persons. In some cases, the company director can be the secretary and the need for two shareholders can be reduced to one. One director has also the right to be a shareholder.
  • Shareholders should conduct board meeting at least once in a year.
  • There is no resident or citizenship limitation to be a director, shareholder, or secretary.
  • Pursuant to registered capital, if the capital is 1,500 Euros and below 100 Euros and if the capital is 2,500,000  Euros and above 1,400 Euros of registration fee is paid once a year.