Notary certified 3 copies (one original) of Articles of Incorporation are prepared. Following the certification of Articles of Incorporation by a notary, an application with required documents to related Trade Registry Office should be made within 15 days the latest.

Necessary Documents for Incorporation

  • Incorporation petition and notification form is duly signed and filled in by people authorized to represent the    company. Required documents and forms can be downloaded on ​ and
  • Letter of Commitment (Trade Registry Regulations Article 24)
  • Whole shares, forming the total capital, is undertaken by co-founders in Articles of Incorporation and includes  Articles of Incorporation with notary proof and notarized signatures of founders.
  • Founders’ Statement signed by founders.
  • A bank letter proving that the share price is deposited to a bank.
  • A bank receipt showing that 0,04% of company capital is deposited to the account of Turkish Competition          Authority in a state bank.
  • Letter of permit or assent for companies subject to permission and assent of ministries or other public enterprises.
  • Notarized signature samples of persons authorized for company representation and binding under company’s    name.
  • Application number related to confirmation and search on to-be-used company name by Trade Registry Office.