Due to increasing changes in legal legislation and accounting standards, companies may have difficulties in inadequacy of sources and expertise related to tax accounting.

With an increase in transparent demands, companies need a centralized and multi-country applicable tax accounting model for tax planning (tax cost) and risk management.

By creating risk management, organization models, and alternative tax planning on sectors being served on demand of customers, GRS tax team fulfills the preparation and declaration activities of all documents on Incorporation, Registration Process, and Accounting Transactions in the relevant country and structures to be created in all relevant countries precisely on behalf of customers.  

How can we help as GRS?

In accordance with your existing or increasing corporate Tax Costs and Tax Risk Management, GRS tax team offers you all the solutions with offices and/or partnerships in different countries you may need and prepares a report in advance on current Tax Structure of different geographies which your company is planning to make investments on. GRS tax team also prepares reports related to IFRS, UFRS, and USGAAP,

  • Planning and calculation of Corporate Tax Costs,
  • Creating and managing a tax methodology compatible with company’s transparent structure,
  • Conversion of current corporate Financial and Earning Reports from IFRS and USGAAP to UFRS On demand of international markets,
  • Calculation and review of deferred tax provisions,
  • Investigating and reporting investment areas which your company can benefit from,
  • Review and reporting on different countries’ Tax Legislation that your company will make investments on.