Today’s global economic conditions and national Business World environment point out the concepts of company continuity and transparency. Transparency is only possible with Financial Structure with international standards.  

What are the key opportunities for a successful business? What kind of competence do you need to reveal these opportunities effectively? If you keep on seeking new opportunities and try to grow, manage competition, develop the process or cooperate with risks, GRS is ready to help you with its expert staff.  

GRS is in contact with you and its current business partners in various countries to perform your business strategies and to help you to focus on results.

We help you with all kinds of local and international investments, merger, acquisition, disposal, and strategic agreements. With our consultancy services, we ensure you to focus on long term and short-term outcome of transactions.

How can we help as GRS?

  • Intercorporate Financial Structure or its Restructuring,
  • Investment Consultancy (Sectoral and Regional)
  • Company Establishment in Foreign Countries,
  • Strategy and Management Consultancy
  • Reconstructing Services
  • Commercial Disputes and Fraud Examination
  • Amalgamation and Acquisition Transactions
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • Amalgamation and Acquisition Transaction Support (Transaction Services)
  • Valuation Services,
  • Tax Consulting,
  • Budgeting,
  • Project Management