Financial Due Diligence is a type of investigation requested by investors in the process of share or asset acquisition to analyze the target company’s status, legal structure, and performance.

The most important feature of Financial Due Diligence Investigation is implementation of different analysis, reviews, and testing methods due to the features of firms to be bought for each financial due diligence project. 

In this sense, none of the Financial due Diligence reports resembles each other in terms of contents and methods used.  

Until today, GRS has succeeded both in reports prepared for two privatizations in TRNC and reports related sectoral forecasts. Moreover, in addition to the success within the scope of privatizations in Turkey, GRS has succeeded in many projects and especially in Energy.

How can we help as GRS?

As GRS, we offer the most accurate and the fastest information on Legal and Financial status of all kinds of Companies or Entities to be acquired under new investments to be made by Companies/Entities with reports prepared as per relevant country’s Legal Legislations and investigation on regional/sectoral risks.