Foreign investors can also run other business models as well as Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company and Franchise:  

  • Opening a branch
  • Begin a business
  • Join a partnership
  • Joint Venture


Foreign Companies can conduct their trade activities by opening a branch in UK.


To open a branch, Foreign Company established abroad should make a declaration and register to Registrar of Companies in UK with documents and forms at least in 1 month of trade activities:

BR1 Form should be filled in.

  • Financial Reports of the previous year audited by an authorized company.
  • Certified copies of Articles of Incorporation and other agreements.
  • All should be translated into English and certified. The structure of the Branch is the same as Franchisor’s.

Work place

Foreign investors who established a company outside UK but have no Limited Company status in its own country or has Limited Company status but has no adequate activities in UK to be allowed to open a branch can alternatively begin a business.  


Opening a branch or beginning a business has the same procedures in terms of establishment procedures but forms to be submitted are different. To begin a business, Form 691 should be filled in and declared to Registrar of Companies.  

Joint Ventures

Foreign investor can join Limited Company or Partnership to break into a new market by taking the advantage of experiences of already established UK companies. Breaking into UK market is easier with joint venture method. Legal procedures are far less than other business models.