Traditionally, auto galleries used to be located out of town or by the town centers and a business model based on the abilities of sales staff to sell second hand or franchised new cars. However, this sector has developed in time due to increasing competition between the companies dealing with this sector.

As of the period we are in, factors as cost management, purchase, and sale timing, pricing techniques, technology oriented service quality on pre-sale and after sales have gained more importance to survive in the market.

Sector Status in TRNC

There is no auto manufacturer company in TRNC. All cars in the country are imported abroad. Companies forming automotive sector are auto galleries selling second hand and brand new cars.

Majority of before mentioned auto galleries are located in Nicosia followed by Famagusta and Kyrenia. According a research conducted in January 2014, brand new car sales have shown 38% decrease when compared to January 2013.

While 283 cars were sold last January, this number was decreased to 175 in January 2014. Rapid increase in currency values as well as regular increase in road tax, fund, and duties is the important factors in decrease of purchase and sales.

Because the population has lost interest in sector, many auto galleries are trying to make their customers buy cars by organizing special campaigns to survive through hard times.  

How can we help as GRS?

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