Periodically or year-end prepared Financial Statements being used as “References” and the assessment made by Financial Institutions to determine credit limits, show the importance of available reports.  

In today’s world that the reports are prepared on different Accounting Programs by clicking on a single key, numerous different negative financial database arise as a result of mistakes made within the general structure of accounting.

Financial interpretation of Financial Statements is the biggest indicator of difference and awareness between companies.

How can we help as GRS?

As GRS team we offer to review the compliance of all financial statements in company’s current accounting structure (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, fund management, etc.) with international financial ratios and rearrange the accounting structure correspondingly.  

In a case where the company is not supported with financial data and cannot be calculated with current financial statements, the strength, size, and profitableness of your company remain unfulfilled.

To reflect your company’s real financial power and increase its credibility, we readapt the accounting system/structure of your company to financial analysis model.

  • Check and preparation of Financial Statement as per local legislation,
  • Conversion of local legislation compatible Financial Statements to UFRS, IFRS,
  • Assessment and rearrangement of financial data in accordance with international financial ratios,
  • Reclassification of data input forming balance items and calculation of accurate Financial Ratios.