With developments in civilizations, more transportation, increase in leisure time, enrichment in society and presentation of natural beauties of different countries with the help of technology have made tourism sector become one of the fastest developing sectors in the 20th Century.

According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) data, while there were approximately 25 million people were involved in this sector in 1950s, today the number of tourists is approximately 1 billion.

The most visited countries are France, USA, and People’s Republic of China. As a result of triggering the activation of many sub-sectors, tourism sector with its employment-increasing feature is referred to as an ‘income factory with no chimney’.

Sector status in TRNC

Tourism, one of the two leading sectors in TRNC, is a key of national economy. With its 22 five star Hotels and Casinos, a different perception of service quality and diversity on a European level, natural beauties of the island and weather temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for almost 8 months are the greatest factors for the growth in the sector.

As a result of global economic crisis and postponement of investments on Europe Casino sectors in recent years, this sector has developed faster in TRNC than in Europe and have become popular amongst tourists. More advantageous pricing on TRNC Tourism Sector than in similar geographical countries, presence of Casino Management and the presence natural beauties of the island have enabled current investments to continue with and incremental increase.

In midyear, hotel occupancy rate is above 65% and reaches 100% between June and October. As city hotels are not developed adequately, the biggest investments are made on Tourism sector.

How can we help as GRS?

We are one of the leading companies that contribute to the growth of Hotel Management and Casino Sector in TRNC. Our team, which has success in 8 completed projects and 4 current projects, give consultancy services on the choice of investment area, preparation of feasibility reports, incorporation, receiving all permits from State Planning Organization and Ministry of Tourism, reporting and monitoring the investment process and putting the corporation into service since the first day of investment.  

As a result of experience and background information we gained through providing services, we can contribute to create and evaluate new opportunities by forming structural and financial regulations for companies, making use of advantages and their monitoring.