Corporate reporting is reporting financial and nonfinancial information together. As a result of research done by today’s experts, it is shown that reports on financial information of investors and analysts are limited in usage of assessment on continuity and future of companies.

Today, Company Directors do not only pay attention to financial information in decision making. The brand of the company, customer satisfaction, market share, and human capital are very important data for investors.

As a result, reporting, which also includes unimportant nonfinancial assets, will enable a more realistic perception of the company value in its market.

How can we help as GRS?

GRS helps corporations with internal and external reporting, and reporting, quality and increasing acceptability of nonfinancial indicators. Within this scope, the services we provide are as follows;

  • Nonfinancial reporting audits of private or public sector,
  • Consultancy on development of comprehensive and reliable management reporting,
  • Assessment of internal reporting and briefing in terms of transparency,
  • Consultancy on reflecting the company value in the best and realistic way,
  • Support on development of long and short-term communication strategy.