Göksel R. Saydam, one of our co-founders was born in 1943 in Larnaca. After graduating with an “Honors” degree in “Commercial Department” from American Academy in 1962, he completed various accounting reviews run by various international occupational organizations and started working at TRNC  Ministry of Finance Revenue and Tax Office.

Since the year of 1966, which Göksel R. Saydam ended his service of 33 years and retired, he established G.Saydam & Co. YMM, a family business, in the same year. G.Saydam & Co. YMM, which was established with Emine Saydam, colleague and spouse of G. Saydam, has started to operate as a modest but well informed and experienced company in a 75m2 office and has been successful inland and abroad until today.

In addition to honesty-justice and conscience values which the two co-founders take these as a base and build their working principles on, “success” which arouse as a natural consequence of knowledge and experience has made G. Saydam & Co. YMM a fast growing company in its sector.

G. Saydam & Co. Family, which determined “Corporate Identity/Corporate Structure” as a goal to be achieved since the first day it was established, has taken the initiative in this field in 2007.

With the return of Mehmet Saydam, who is a representative of the second generation and has worked in similar areas abroad, to the island in 2007 G. Saydam & Co. YMM has brought its customer portfolio abroad and started to give service not only in the field of Public Accounting and Taxes but also Financial and Investment Consultancy Services.

Especially in Turkey and TRNC, G.Saydam &Co. YMM has broadened its service network and increased service quality with its own offices in South America, Russia, Holland, UK, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Kenya, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malta, Poland, Syria and Libya and many other areas and with solution partners.

As of today, with its headquarters in Ankara and TRNC, and with 5 offices and more than 60 employees, G. Saydam & Co. YMM gives service on Financial Consultancy, Independent Auditing, Internal Auditing, Corporate Finance, Investment Consultancy, Institutionalization, Tax Planning, Tax and Commercial Law, International Investments and Contracts, Privatization, Amalgamation and Merger, Management Information Systems (MIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Total Quality Management (TQM), etc.

G. Saydam & Co. YMM, which maintains its services under a corporate structure, runs planned improvement and expansionary policy within the scope of education and career planning towards its staff. By leading the way in private sector with this policy, the Company aims to structure its further continuity under knowledge and experience by going into partnerships with existing and successful staff.