In recent years, while renewed work and social security legislations bring opportunities to companies in those areas, they also pose a risk in terms of their complex structure and day-by-day increasing audits.

In the world of work and social security, frequent legislation amendments as well as adjudication and structuring corporations with internal regulations have forced such Human Resources, Finance, and Law Departments as to receive constant and professional support on work and social security legislation matters.

With our informed and experienced team, we aim to generate a solution for main issues on work and social security, for companies to comply with laws and to take the incentive opportunities by accurate and productive planning and managing the risks on time and accurately.

How can we help as GRS?

  • Consultancy on general work and social security  
  • Work permits and social security services of foreign employees
  • Insurance and retirement of managers
  • Taking the advantage of employment incentive
  • Amalgamation and transfer of the workplace
  • Employment consultancy services on working models
  • Consultancy services on permits
  • Consultancy services on severance and notice pay
  • Education services on work and social security legislation
  • Taking actions on employed and dismissed staff
  • Preparation of payroll reports and relevant accounting records
  • Staff Registration System
  • In-company trainings and coordinated services