The preparation of Main Contracts, Regulations and all other Legal documents pursuant to the corporation to be established in accordance with the sector which our customers or potential customers will be in service and all registration process of establishing a company and its presentation to relevant government  institutions is run by us.  

The registration of the company to Tax Office – Social Security Institution / Chamber of Industry and company permits are run by experienced GRS staff during that process.

How can we help as GRS?

Do you want to establish a new company? GRS gives service with its offices set up in TRNC, Turkey, Dubai, Malta, Switzerland, South Cyprus and Luxembourg and offers the most accurate, fastest and confidential services related to “Establishing a Company” with its business partners in other countries.

  • Preparation of Main Contract and Regulations and all other legal documents,
  • Preparation of Partnership Agreements,
  • Tracking and finalization of corporation transactions,
  • Consultancy on certificates to be received pursuant to relevant legislation,
  • Performing and completing registration to Tax Office, Social Security Institution and other public bodies.