By being subject to assessment within the scope of current or new projects’ incentive legislation, we review whether it is benefited from opportunities in full and in point or not, determine utilizable incentives and provide consultancy services on  receiving and closing incentive certificates.

How can we help as GRS?

With sectoral experience and expertise of GRS investment team, we calculate “Investment Feasibility Report” which includes all financial forecasts and risks on investments your company will make.

Pursuant to Incentive Legislation in the area where the investment will be made, legal documents to be presented to the government and incentive certificate to be received will be performed by our GRS investment team.  

  • Consultancy Services on Investment Incentive Practice,
  • Investment from Incentive Practice General Directorate by relating it to Incentive Certificate
  • Closure of Investment Incentive Certificate, Completion Expertise, and Visa,
  • Consultancy Services on subject matters,
  • Consultancy Services on Investments made with used Machines,
  • Consultancy Services on Export Incentive,
  • Support on receiving and closing Inward Processing Certificate,
  • Consultancy Services on Incentives given to Priority Regions on Development,
  • Consultancy Services on Industrial Zone Practice,
  • Consultancy on Technology Development Zones,
  • Consultancy Services on Organized Industrial Zone,
  • Consultancy Services on Tax, Levies, and Charge Exceptions.


Investments, within this scope, in respect to Investment Incentive Certificate can be listed as follows;

  • Consultancy on Incentive Legislation,
  • Preparation of Lists and Documents on receiving Investment Incentive Certificate,
  • Making Application for Investment Incentive Certificate,
  • Solving the problematic issues by conducting meetings with Undersecretariat of Treasury,
  • Revision of Investment Incentive Certificate and Application for Time Extension,
  • Visa for Completion of Investment Incentive Certificate and Preparation of Files and Documents.